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Strategic Fund Raising

Discover a unique and simplified method for raising the money needed for your organization's programs. Designed for both novices and experts alike, participants will learn the basic "how to's" of fundraising and how to get their share of the $250 billion that becomes available to non-profits each year from non-grant funds. They will also discover new techniques for sharing fund raising knowledge and empowering their group.

The seminar will provide participants with the fund raising concepts they must have in order to: understand how to evaluate their organization's existing fund raising strategies; develop new fund raising strategies; and provide for cost efficiency and the accurate determination of the "cost per dollar raised".

Participants will learn how to:

analyze and develop their organization's donor pyramid
determine the number and correct ratio of funding strategies needed to build and maintain a healthy organization
set realistic funding goals and objectives through the involvement of key people
determine in what instances it is appropriate to utilize their own staff, board members, volunteers, and advocates to implement fund raising strategies, and in what cases it is wise to utilize the services of a professional consultant

Seminar materials include The Fund Raising Primer, a fund raising organizer, fund raising activity cards, and several handouts aimed at helping participants achieve fund raising success.

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