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How to Find - And Win - Foundation & Corporate Grants

Gain the specialized knowledge your organization needs to be a winner in the competitive private sector. Pare down the nation's more than 5 million corporations and 100,000 foundations to those whose funding efforts match your organization's objectives.

This dynamic seminar will provide intensive instruction on how to tap into the $50 billion available in private grants. It will also provide step-by-step essentials for organizing and writing a successful foundation or corporate grant proposal. Your faculty and staff will learn how to:

research foundation and corporate funding sources
develop creative ideas that will attract more funding
use valuable time-saving techniques to make grantseeking controllable and fun
locate grant opportunities through the Internet
use federal funding to win private funding
contact private funders
develop a checklist to get the complete funding picture in one phone call
harness community involvement and support
draft a compelling letter proposal containing the 9 key points for grants success
use webbing and linkages to develop inside leads and to improve chances for funding
develop a quality circle for proposal review
use a project planner to help develop budgets and cash forecasts
plus, many more valuable tips and strategies for unraveling the private sector mystery!

Optional materials include a hard-bound copy of the "How to" Grants Manual: Successful Grantseeking Techniques for Obtaining Public and Private Grants .

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