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Faculty Research Development Fellows' and Certification Programs

Several universities have embarked upon intensive grants/research training programs with Bauer Associates. These programs are designed to help selected faculty members apply and win major research grants. Programs are monitored for success, and up to 80% of the participants in recent programs have attracted signigicant external grants support.

While some of the program's training is provided through the grants seminars outline on this web site, the program moves beyond the self-motivation of potential grant applicants, to a structured research experience spanning over a 1 ½ to 2 year period. The program is tailored to each university's specific needs, and can be institution-wide or college specific.

The program has resulted in dramatic increases in success for new faculty. The University of Alabama tailored the program into a 1 ½ year research Fellows' program. Wake Forest University developed a 1 ½ year Fellows' program for new faculty and a 1 ½ year Fellows' program for senior faculty.

The Research Development Award Program developed for Western Michigan University required participation in three Bauer seminars, selection of and contact with a mentor, submission of a research plan, and completion of a 90-day personal development contracts. Participants were selected from a university wide application process and were awarded over $2500 in travel funds.

These program provided face-to-face contact with David Bauer every 90 days, and some degree of e-mail and phone consultation to supplement the personal meetings.

Costs range according to the number of participants, the amount of contact time with the instructor, and university support for stipends and travel awards.

With success rates of 50% to 80%, it is likely for a university to recapture its investment through indirect costs within the program period. Several universities are comparing the return on investment of this type of program to that of small, faculty award programs.

With grant support coming under pressure from Congress, and competition becoming stiffer, you need to move aggressively to prepare your next, new team of researchers. For more information on our Faculty Research Development Program please call Bauer Associates at (775) 781-0552 or email us at dgbauer@dgbauer.com .

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