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Strategies to Offset the Cost of Sponsoring a Bauer Seminar

College and universities can offset the cost of sponsoring a Bauer seminar by inviting members from non profit organizations in their local community to attend, and by charging these non profits a a small registration fee. For example, you could sponsor a seminar in which half of the attendees are from outside your institution and the other half, from your institution (faculty and staff members). The twenty-five participants from outside organizations could pay a nominal registration fee of $100.00. This would provide your institution with $2,500.00 to be applied toward the consultant's instructor's fee and travel expenses. (Please note that the actual fees could exceed $2,500.00 depending on travel costs and expenses related to supplemental seminar materials). This a particular good value for the participating non profits since the usual registration fee for one of Bauer's public seminar ranges from $395.00 to $495.00 per person.

In addition, the community groups get to brainstorm solutions to the problems they are seeking to solve with faculty members who may end up as consultants on their grants, and have the opportunity to explore how they can use the institution's resources to help them search for appropriate grantors.

By putting faculty and staff members together with community non profits in the seminar setting, the potential for consortia grants increases dramatically. Consortia grants provide funding to the community, build community relationships, and enhance the sponsoring institution's public service mission. An added bonus is that they may also provides opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to gain experience in their fields through assistantships.

Eastern Tennessee State University (ETSU) is an example of just one university that benefited from sponsoring a one day Bauer Seminar and inviting local non profits (in this case, school districts) and ETSU faculty to attend. While registration fees were not used to offset the costs in this particular case (the seminar was paid for through a grant), this joint seminar resulted in nine consortia proposals, eight of which were funded!

Other types of non profit organizations and groups can also apply this same strategy for offsetting the cost of sponsoring a Bauer Seminar. They too can benefit from educating their staffs while supplying a valuable service to their communities.

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