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David G. Bauer Associates, Inc. provides educationally based grant seeking and fund raising consulting services to non-profit organizations. From small non-profits to large national organizations, we will evaluate your current grant seeking and fund raising efforts and help you develop dynamic and accountable strategies to move your organization into the next century.

Bauer Associates' guiding principle is to initiate and design a learning experience that will, once implemented, allow you to engage in the process of self evaluation and re-direction without the continual services of a professional consultant. We are an educationally based company and think of our services as learning tools. We make certain that the investment of our clients' resources in our services is cost efficient and justified. Hence, we encourage our clients to evaluate how our services impact their systems, processes, success rates, and desire for self-improvement.

The Grants System Process Audit - Evaluating Your Grants System

This evaluation and assessment of your government, foundation and corporate grant seeking efforts will analyze your organization's system for attracting funds. While an examination of financial systems related to resource development is included in the evaluation, the audit is not financially focused. It is process and system based.

Although few grants systems are the same, Bauer Associates has identified 12 basic functional areas which are analyzed in the audit. These basic functional areas are described in detail in David G. Bauer's book How to Evaluate and Improve Your Grant Effort (American Council on Education Series on Higher Education/ Oryx Press).

In the grants system process audit David G. Bauer will personally work with you to conduct an evaluation of your organization's existing system. This includes on site interviews, the administration of survey instruments, off-site analysis and the preparation of a report on the status of your organization's current system and recommendations for improving it.

The grant system process audit will enable you to:

The consulting time involved varies by the type and size of the organization, but usually runs from 3 to 4 days. The resulting changes in system efficiency and funding success rates are designed to repay your investment quickly.

Board Development Programs

Bauer Associates provides motivational and focused fund development programs for board retreats and staff development training. These programs are designed to enhance resource development by using a values based approach to funding that makes solicitors comfortable with the "ask". These programs are custom tailored with the client's objectives in mind. In addition, clients are provided with evaluation instruments to assess the short and long term results from our work together.

Motivational Speaking

Use David Bauer to set the proper tone for your organization or association by having him present a tailored, motivational speech or key address. These talks provide humor, anecdotes and a message related to Bauer Associates' philosophy of values based resource development. Our desire to put values and fun back into grant seeking and fun-d-raising provides a welcomed and refreshing approach that is sure to stimulate your group's fund raising effort.

Personal Plans for Success

Develop your faculty's/staff's grants potential through our newest program Personal Plans for Success(PPS). PPS is designed to assist your faculty and staff in utilizing the grants mechanism to catapult their careers to new levels of success. Most professional non-profit staff including advanced degree holders lack information on the grants process and especially how private sector and public sector grant support can help establish their careers. In this program we work with participants to develop a plan to put their careers on the fast lane to success by maximizing their personal investment of time and effort in the grants process. Each participant in the program develops a:

These components are developed into yearly plans and year one is broken down into six 60 day self-learning contracts. Each participant works with David Bauer to review the progress on their contracts every 60 days. The length of the individual sessions can vary but they are generally about 20 minutes in long. Typically 20 faculty or staff members are invited to take part in the program. In addition to sessions with the individual participants, the program usually includes a seminar on federal grant seeking and one on private funding. Participants also learn how to use quality circles to improve proposals. A typical program consists of two seminars and six days of consulting with individuals.

Training Programs

David G. Bauer Associates will develop and implement a training program for your organization. Whether you have a small or large staff, one office or one office in every state, our grant seeking and fund raising training programs, videotapes, and software can be custom tailored to meet your unique training needs.

Consulting Fees

Bauer Associates' fee for consulting is $2,000 per day plus travel expenses. You can save on travel expenses by coordinating your seminar/consulting with the spring and fall RV Grants Bus Tour. Comprehensive consulting programs may qualify for a reduction. The fee for a one day seminar is $2,000 plus travel expenses. A two day seminar is $3,500 plus travel expenses. Telephone and e-mail consulting is billed at $200.00 per hour, and arranged in advance. Bauer Associates only works with non-profit organizations.

Bauer Associates chooses to remain a small organization that promotes high quality and rigid standards. Therefore, please contact us early in your planning stages to insure availability of our services. Contact us at (775)781-0552 or email us at dgbauer@dgbauer.com for more information, references, and/or to explore program options.

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